Do It Yourself Beauty Products


2. Lip tattoos.

Image Source: youtube

Take some wax paper and cut a piece out. Then, take a lip liner and trace your lips with it and draw whatever design you want on them. When you want to use it, just put the paper on your lip, spray it with water and peel it off.

3. Makeup brushes.

Image Source: youtube

For this one you will need pencils and hair. Of course, you can use doll hair and not your own. Take your Barbie and shampoo her hair. After that, take pencils and pull the erasers out of them. Brush Barbie’s hair and put it into a ponytail. Then, cut off that little ponytail and glue the hair into the pencil end. Then, use something to close off the metal area and make any kind of brush you want, like an eye shadow brush.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE