Do You Only Use Toothpastes to Clean Your Teeth? There are Other Good Uses


Deodorizing Dogs – Have you ever returned home one day to discover your dog smelling badly? This could be caused by a lot of things. But, what can be done to get rid of the bad smell? Using any of the popular shampoos on sale today cannot provide the solution. What you should do is wet down your dog, rubbing all over him some toothpaste. After that, you should rinse him clean. Then, the smell will be gone for good.

Pain Relief – A toothpaste can also serve as a pain reliever in many ways. For instance, any scars on the skin, maybe as a result of insect bite or any other thing, could be easily removed by rubbing some toothpaste over the skin area affected, and then allowed to dry. You should experience relief after repeating this for several times.

Removal of Dye Stains – Stains are difficult to remove from the skin after applying dye on the hair, especially with dark color. However, the stains are easily removed through a toothpaste.

Removal of Scuff Marks – Toothpastes also have the benefit of helping to remove scuff marks on materials made of leather when used on the affected area.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE