Dress for Prom: Where To Buy A Cheap Prom Dress



Online Retailers

When you visit different online clothing retailers, you will see that several prom dresses are going to be on sale and this is a good way to buy a cheap prom dress. The disadvantage of buying a discounted prom dress online is that you will not be able to try them on so before you buy the dress online, try on different dresses at the local store and write down the best-fitting dress size.

Buy Cheap Prom Dress in Late Summer and Early Fall

These are the best times to buy a dress for prom at an affordable price because the prices are not as high as in the spring months since most proms are held in the spring. Look around on the store’s clearance rack to find a good dress and you should inspect it thoroughly because some dresses on the clearance rack are defected.





Thrift Stores

The thrift stores sell formal prom dresses at decent prices but as with the clearance rack, you need to check the dress for defects and other problems that may not be able to be fixed. If you have two teenage daughters, buy more than one prom dress so that you can have some at home when the second daughter gets ready to attend the prom.

Create Your Own Prom Dress

If you created dresses before, you can save money by creating your own prom dress. Aside from the sewing machine, you will need a few large pieces of high quality fabric, pattern instruction books and needles. Also think about a creative dress pattern and research different patterns that would work well for your personal tastes. For example, if you like the Victorian era style dresses, you can create a dress that resemble that era.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE