How to Dress – Victoria Beckham Style



Victoria Beckham was first spotted in Britain’s band Spice girls where she got the nickname Posh that still describes her and her style. Her style, while she was the part of the group, was appropriate for that era; add it to the fact that every girl from the group had little chance to express who she really is. After she married a famous football player David Beckham and thus becoming the part of the most famous couple in Britain, leaving the Spice girls, the Victoria Beckham style progressed.

Victoria Beckham Style
Victoria Beckham Style

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• Colors – In the early years, she did play with vibrant colors, bold dresses, and different hairstyles. Nowadays, the Victoria Beckham style can be described as elegant and serious. For the red carpets, she prefers dark colors and can usually be seen wearing all black that even the accessories are the same color. We have seen that look on numerous occasions, most recently on the London premiere of The Class of 92. After saying that, we have to state that she also knows how to match different colors and patterns perfectly. She can be seen in restaurants or walking with her kids, wearing orange skirts, brown sweaters, red dresses.