How to Easily Remove Wine Stains


The stains of red wine are generally easily to remove using some household items. If you want to efficiently remove any stain, the key is to do it immediately. These are the 8 solutions that can be used in removing wine stains:


1. Vinegar – this should be poured onto a damp cloth to blot the stain until you remove the wine completely.
2. White wine – if you have a glass of white wine, it should be poured immediately over the red wine stain. The red wine is neutralized by the white wine to make the stain vanish.
3. Club soda – this should be directly poured on the stain, and with luck, the stain can be removed.



4. Baking soda – sprinkle this on the stain, then wiping, can remove the stain after blotting with a cool, damp cloth.
5. Coarse salts – Kosher salt, an example, is the best. It should be left for some minutes, and then wiped away. Then, use a damp cloth to blot until the stain vanishes.
6. Clean, damp cloth – a clean, damp cloth should be used to blot the stain before the red wine can disappear. No attempt should be made to rub on the stain to remove the stain, as that causes spreading, making the problem to be worse.
7. Cream paste of water and tartar – a cream paste and water also helps in removing red wine stain. The paste should be rubbed gently into the stain and left for some minutes. After removing the paste, use a damp cloth to blot.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE