Easy Dinner Recipes for Two




Leftovers Are Your Best Friend

The cardinal rule to consider when preparing easy dinner recipes for two is to never, under any circumstances forget the utility value of leftovers. Freezing ingredients enables you to expand your options when shopping and is economical in the long run.

Suppose you would like to whip up an elegant Chicken Parmesan for your Friday evening dinner. As you shop for all of the necessary ingredients, you come across a deal on fresh skinless, boneless chicken breasts that are just too good to pass up. You only need half of a chicken breast for each serving in the recipe that you are using, but the package comes with two. What are you to do with the extra chicken breast?

Go ahead and cook it up as though you were to use it for extra servings, and do so if either of you feel hungry after just one. If not, you can have leftover Chicken Parmesan the next day, or if you are lacking necessary ingredients, maybe incorporate it into jerk chicken or perhaps some type of chicken soup. There are always options when you are cooking easy dinner recipes for two.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE