Easy Hairstyles


Ponytails and Messy Buns

These simple hairstyles are great to wear when you have a bad hair day or when you do not feel like wearing an elaborate hairstyle. For the ponytail, you can accessorize it with hair pins, decorative rubberbands and bows.

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You can wear a braided bun by pulling your hair back and braiding the sections of your hair that will make up the ponytail. To create the messy bun, you want to put your hair into a ponytail then wrap hair around the rubberband while leaving some of the hair outside the rubberband.

Sleek Bob

If you have short hair and do not know what to do with your hair, you can visit the stylist and have her cut your hair into a sexy sleek bob. To add more glamour to the bob, add gold, brown or red highlights or dye your hair a different color. Some women wear the flapper version of the bob with bangs in the front while other women wear an asymmetrical bob. Other women choose the curly bob.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE