Easy Lunch Ideas to keep you Healthy



Mr. Stripey easy lunch ideas

This is one of the easy lunch ideas of a sandwich recipe to prepare. To begin, use the Mr. Stripey tomatoes which are a certain type of tomatoes with yellow skins that are rather pale and in addition, contain a pinkish-orange color. They often have green stripes. Instead of using a beef steak, substitute it with the firm Mr. Stripey tomato. Instead of using the conventional cured bacon, use the savory Pancetta bacon which is an Italian bacon type that is cured and can easily cook in the oven without splattering on the top of the cook.

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Make a concoction of mayonnaise and prepare the pancetta early enough; the earlier, the better, even up to 24 hours earlier. The bread should be toasted to make it crisp and tastier.

Vegetarian easy lunch ideas

For those who prefer the taste of the salad, this is handy in the easy lunch ideas. Make use of the farro grains which are also known as spelt; they are high protein grains with a flavor of warm nuts. These are very rich in vitamins and fiber that will be a great boost of energy. Wheat can also be an alternative of this. Load it with ingredients that are full of zest and chill very nicely. After chilling, include crusty bread preferably Italian and a cluster of grapes preferably the red ones and you are good to go.