How to do Easy Nail Designs at Home


Easy Nail Designs !

Have you always wanted to have fun, and do attractive designs to your nails, but never had the time or the money to go to beauty salon? Have no worry! With just couple of useful tricks, you will be able to do easy nail designs at home, all by yourself.


These are some of the tricks:

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• If you like polka dots, you can easily do them with the tip of a bobby pin. They can be arranged in a certain order or be completely arbitrary. However, for really tiny dots, the best tool is a mechanical pencil. You can make a mix of big and small dots or choose only one option.
• If you want to have zigzag lines drawn, you can; after applying the base color, paint a grid of small dots, which you can later on connect and thus make the pattern.

Image Source: nhave
• For making thin lines when designing your nails, there is one thing that can help. Super thin nail tape will help you with this. How can you do it? Apply the base color, put the stripes as you want your lines to be placed, and apply the different nail color.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE