Easy to Follow Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial



It is for a fact that most women really love painting their nails into many different kinds of artistic styles, colors, and designs; this is what commonly known as Nail Art. Nail Art has become a significant part of fashion these days. Your probably have seen beautiful and creative nails arts on models, celebrities, or even on any ordinary individuals who make it a habit to have different styles of nails every week, month, or year.

Step by Step Nail Art

Nail Art actually began back from 3000 BC and was known to require a steady hand and full concentration in order to provide the best result. This type of fashion still exists until today and has improved greatly throughout the years. If you want to try to do nail art but haven’t done so yet, here is an easy step by step nail art tutorial you can follow to create the beautiful nails you’ve always wanted.

Virtual Nail Art Games



Step 1 – Clean Your Nails

First on our step by step nail art tutorial is cleaning your nails which include removing any old nail polish left, filing them into your desired shape and length, and removing any dirt that could disrupt the whole process. Oh and by the way! Nail art is not only exclusive for your fingernails since they would look wonderful on your toenails as well. Prepare your nails first to easily follow the next steps as we go on.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE