Eat Your Way To Better Skin, Hair and Nails



If you tried different methods of improving your skin, hair and nails but they are not working, you should consider what you eat because your diet plays an important role in how well your skin, hair and nails will be. You do not have to turn into a full-blown health nut who cannot eat any great foods that are unhealthy. The key is eating those foods in moderation while increasing your intake of healthier foods at the same time. Here are some great foods to improve your skin, hair and nails.



1. Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are the newer foods for hair, nails and skin, and are good because they can be used in many ways. The seeds are very rich in natural omega-3 fatty acids to improve the health of your hair, nails and skin.
2. Aocados
The creamy avocado should always be part of your meals. You will love using avocado in smoothies and salads. Avocados not only help in beauty, but they are also known to contain antioxidants and good fats for healthy hair, skin and nails.