Eat Your Way To Better Skin, Hair and Nails


2. Fruits and Vegetables That Are High in Antioxidants
Antioxidants are important to your body because they eliminate the free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin due to overexposure to the sun and a poor diet. The best fruits and vegetables with antioxidants are the dark-colored ones and these include pomegranates, strawberries, blueberries, spinach and cranberries.
3. Boost Your Protein Intake
In order to have healthy skin, nails and hair, protein-rich foods are a must for your diet and lean proteins are the best kind of proteins. Examples of lean proteins include chicken, turkey and fish as well as lean red meats such as beef and pork. Other examples of protein include nuts, beans and protein shakes.

4. Good Fats
If you think that fat consumption is bad overall for healthy skin, it is not true because many health experts recommend that you consume good fats so that your skin will look great. Olive oil is a good fat because it is a monosaturated fat, which benefits the skin. Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods contain the good fat Omega 3 fatty acids and these foods include tuna and salmon.
5. Kidney Beans and Broccoli
Since iron is necessary for building better nails, skin and hair, you can eat a bowl of red kidney beans and broccoli if you are a vegetarian because these two foods are high in iron. Some good ways to add bold flavors to this meal include adding hot spices, crushed garlic and onions, red tomatoes, chopped celery, and a pinch of curry powder for a slight sweet taste to the dish.

These foods are inexpensive to purchase and you can visit different supermarkets to compare discounts to get the best items for your money. If you need recipe ideas with these foods, you can purchase healthy eating cookbooks and create a recipe every day. Finally, you should take supplements in addition to the foods.