Everyone Is Using Sheet Masks and Here’s Why


Think of it like the celeb facial you can do for cheap
Everyone Is Using Sheet Masks and Heres WhyPin CHRISSY TEIGEN
You’ve seen them plastered on the faces of celebrities, models and pretty much everyone else on Instagram. So what is this slightly terrifying, Facekini-resembling beauty trend, exactly? They’re called sheet masks, and we’ve got the answers to all your hard-hitting questions.

So tell me: What is a “sheet mask”?

Hailing from Korea (the beauty trendsetter du jour), sheet masks are basically the lazy girl’s facial. They’re individually wrapped and consist of a thin sheet (made of cotton or even sea kelp) with cutouts for eyes, nose and mouth. Each mask is soaked in highly concentrated serums and liquid botanicals, designed to treat a variety of skin needs from anti-aging to mega-hydrating to brightening.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE