Exciting Ways to Jazz Up Your Nails With Glitter



If the nail polish you are using is no longer meeting your needs, you should look for ways of adding glitter to those nails. Concerning glitter, something makes you happy and being proud of being a woman. If the sparkly substance is one of the things you love, but you don’t like wearing glitter in your clothes or makeup, the right thing is to use polish.

These are some of the excellent ways of adding glitter to your nails:

1. Create Your Own Glitter Polish

Why buy a bottle of glitter polish when you can make fun glitter polish yourself? Here are the ways you can do it. You start by choosing a bold and bright nail color since this kind of color works the best with glitter. Once you do this you would buy glitter of various colors then combine the colors together. Get a piece of parchment paper and place a little glitter on the paper. Take a small spoon and pour a little nail polish in the glitter before stirring it with the spoon. Finally, apply this mixture to your nails.






2. Always Use A Solid Base Color

Before you apply the glitter nail polish, you should always start with a solid nail color base. A solid base color is important because it contains the vitamins and other ingredients that make your nails moist and healthy and it keeps the glitter on your nails better.

3. Use Top Coat After Applying Glitter Polish

You want to use a top coat on your nails after applying the glitter polish because this prevents chipping of the glitter polish and it adds the extra sparkle to your nails. Two to three applications of the top coat would be enough and one idea is to use a top coat that has the same color as the glitter or solid base polish.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE