Exciting Ways to Jazz Up Your Nails With Glitter


4. Glittery Tips

You may not want all of your nails to be glittery but you can have the tips of your nails with glitter on them. Start by cleaning your nails and then applying your regular nail polish on the nails. Once the nail polish dries on your nails, you should apply small spots of glitter nail polish at the tips then let the tips dry for ten to fifteen minutes.

5. Glitter Nail Decals

Another idea would be to buy glitter nail decals and put them on your nails if you do not have time to do your own nails but you have an event coming up that requires you to look fabulous. These decals come in different patterns and colors and they do not take long to put on your nails.

6. Thin Coats of Glitter Should Be Applied

You want to apply thin coats of glitter polish because if you put too many thick coats of it on your nails, the effect will not look right and it will take longer for the nails to dry. Thinner coats of glitter polish are the best.

7. Experiment With Different Glitter Polish Colors

Finally, you should experiment with different glitter polish colors and you can even use multiple glitter colors at once on the nails for extra flair. Many nail polish brands sell glitter polish in multiple colors and you will like how they look on your nails. In conclusion, when you wear glittery nails, you can look classy yet fun at the same time without feeling too girly or childish.

There are many ways through which you could add glitter to your nails, and I know you may have some good ideas as well. What is your preferred way of wearing glitter polish?