Exercises Women Should Do For Their Thigh


Dumbbell Squats

To do these squats, place medium-sized yet slightly heavy dumbbells in your hand then put both arms towards the floor. Put your feet a few inches apart from each other and begin the squats. You can do fifteen to twenty of these every few days in addition to the stair exercises.

Thigh Exercise With Exercise Ball

To do this exercise, you want to lie on an exercise mat and after this you would bend your knees and place the exercise mat in between your thighs. Once you do this you would squeeze and hold the exercise ball in between the thighs for three to four minutes on each time, and overall you should repeat the exercise ten to fifteen times for maximum results.


To do the lunges, you want to stand with your feet with a few inches apart but instead of keeping them this way as you would for squats, you would take one step forward with the front leg while keeping the back leg in the same position. Move the legs in an up-and-down position and do this exercise ten to fifteen tomes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE