What Your Eyebrow Shape Says about You


Eyebrows are some of the most vital parts of the body for women (and men) to consider grooming. Well-groomed eyebrows create an eye-catching frame for your entire face, enhancing your beauty and giving you a more striking look. Others can read your emotions through the shape of your eyebrows. Depending on your preference, there are many different shapes, and each one has its own message.

Eyebrow Shape
Eyebrow Shape

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Let’s see what your eyebrows say about you.

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• Those with short eyebrows cannot handle stress in a subtle manner. They try to avoid any kind of scuffle, and generally keep aloof without getting into anyone else’s business.
• People with longer eyebrows, on the other hand, can deal with stress in a very efficient manner. They are quite easy going with the people around them.
• Fuller eyebrows indicate confidence and sincerity in one’s work. These people can come up with conclusions, even in tough situations, and always keep a cool head.

• Those with naturally thin eyebrows are quite unsure of themselves. Whenever they are in a dilemma, they will seek help from others and depend on their judgement.

• Eyebrows with low arches point towards having a relaxed nature. These people try to come up with fruitful results, and work hard in achieving their dreams. They also try to have compromising solutions for the people with whom they deal.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE