Eyebrow Threading Technique Explained


Women have been waxing and plucking their eyebrow hairs for centuries to achieve the exact bright-eyed look they desire. For even more precision and ease with less pain than other methods, the ancient art of eyebrow threading has become more popular these days. This technique can get rid of large and small hairs very close to the desired contour of your brow. Simply put, the eyebrow threading technique involves taking several lengths of thread and moving it in a certain way right where you want the hair to be plucked out.

Eyebrow Threading
Eyebrow Threading

Image Source: spagirlsclub

How does eyebrow threading work?

Watch the video below to learn the precise methods behind the eyebrow threading technique. Basically, it involves using twisted thread to gently capture and pluck out small, unwanted hairs from your eyebrow area.

Can you thread hair on other body parts?

You can use the threading technique on any part of the body you wish to remove hair from. However, it is ideally suited for small areas. For larger expanses, other techniques are better.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE