Fast Knot and Twist Bun



You’ve likely noticed numerous hairstyles featuring buns of all varieties. They work well for just about any occasion and like most hairstyles, can be dressed up or down accordingly. This special bun that we are going to show you today involves a twisted knot that leaves a unique, finished style. You could sport this knot and twist bun for your next date night or special event.

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What you Need: Bobby pins, small hair clips, hairspray.

Fast Knot and Twist Bun
Fast Knot and Twist Bun

Image Source: irrelephant-blog

What to Do:
1. Wash your hair and style as usual (straighten, blow-dry, etc.). The less slick the hair is, the easier it will be to create a strong knot, lessening the risk of it loosening and falling out.