Faster Hair Growth



You want your hair to grow faster but you wonder if it will ever happen because you tried a variety of quick-fix solutions that did not produce results. It is also important to remember that not everyone’s hair will grow at the same pace so patience is necessary when trying to grow your hair. You should avoid bad hair habits that could stunt your hair’s growth such as using excess heat on your hair frequently and by wearing very tight hairpieces regularly. Here are other methods of faster hair growth.

Protein Consumption Is A Must

If you want to have fast growing hair, you will need to consume more protein because your hair consists mostly of protein called keratin. Aside from meats, other sources of protein include nuts, legumes, and protein shakes. You can also take protein supplements to get an extra boost of protein.

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Take Vitamins

Your hair needs as many vitamins as possible in order to have healthy hair growth. Popular vitamins for hair growth include biotin, hair and skin vitamins, B 12 vitamins, and multivitamins as well as vitamin D. Vitamins strengthen the hair’s cells on the inside and this means less breakage, dryness and other issues with hair.

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

One of the main reasons hair growth slows down is because of too much exposure to heat from styling tools so you should drastically reduce usage of these tools so that the moisture stays in your hair and that your hair will grow properly. If you want curls, put rollers in your hair at night then take them out the next day.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE