Faster Hair Growth with Vitamins


In order to grow a thicker and more attractive mane your body will need vitamins and the proper nutrients from food consumption. There are some vitamins that are more effective than others. The health of the hair is going to come from the follicle; although trimming your hair will keep the split ends off you need to pay attention to the scalp as well.

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Like every other area on your body, your scalp is going to need nutrients in order to look its best. These are the 6 best vitamins to consume.

1. Vitamin A

This is the most important vitamin to have throughout the process of growing out your hair due to the genes that are in charge of the hair growth cycle. This will begin when you start eating the right foods that carry the sufficient amino acids. By adding green veggies such as spinach, kale, broccoli and also mangos and melon to your diet you can incorporate enough vitamin A.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE