Faster Hair Growth


Trim Your Way To Hair Growth

When you have the stylist trim your hair during visits, your hair is more likely to grow quicker. Not only that, but your hairstyle will look more uniform and put together. There is also less frizz on the edges of your hair when it is nicely trimmed.

Eat The Healthiest Foods

Your diet is an important part of hair growth and aside from proteins, there are other good foods you can eat for hair growth. These include eggs, salmon, oysters and other shellfish, walnuts and avocados. Also drink plenty of milk since it contains calcium and vitamin D, and you should eat leafy greens.


Never underestimate the importance of using essential oils in your scalp for hair growth and scalp moisture and some good oils are olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. The average lifespan of hair is six years and this means that throughout your lifetime you will experience some form of hair loss. Stress is a major cause of a lack of hair growth and if this is your situation, you should seek out ways to relieve the stress so that hair breakage will not occur as frequently. If you are a woman your hormones could be the culprit and especially if you have menopause. You should visit the doctor to look for solutions to this issue.