Find out if you Really Qualify for Each Other According to Eye Colors


Choose an option and find out if you really qualify for each other!

1. Brown – brown (fire – fire)

You easily understand each other but sometimes it can be difficult to get along. Often, the blanket is dragged over on each side. You are constantly envious of others’ success. You weave mutual intrigue and know that if one of you gets in trouble, the other will come to the rescue (unselfish and comprehensive). Your relationship will be long and fruitful. If you can find a common enemy (rival firm’s boss, harmful neighbor, etc.), you will join forces to fight that enemy. If there is no worthy opponent, your relationship will be a friendly one that will overshadow the small intrigues against each other. God forbid you become enemies because if you do, both of you will perish. In this war, there will be no winner.

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2. Brown – green (fire – water)
Initially, you were meant to be enemies (you being fire and water). But if you become friends, your unity has a great future, which is useful for both of you. Fire boils water, meaning the brown-eyed partner pushes the green-eyed into action, creativity, and struggle. Water also extinguishes fire and the green-eyed partner therefore has the power to save the brown-eyed from rash and reckless decisions and actions. Listen to the advice of your mutual and remember: fire should not forget that the leader of the relationship is water. If the brown-eyed ever decides they are in charge, the main foundation will disintegrate, yet only the fire will suffer and the water will survive the conflict almost painlessly.

Eye Color and Love
Eye Color and Love

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3. Brown – Blue (fire – air)
About your relationship, you can say, “Apart it is boring but together it is difficult.” Together, it’s interesting. Not comfortable, but interesting. This is because your conversations consist of constant arguing and bickering, but this excites you. The brown-eyed is who teases and provokes first and is therefore the leader.

4. Brown – gray (fire – earth)
You are most likely a long distance relationship. You are very close because neither of you will ever hide secrets from each other. You are mutually beneficial and strong; fire is who gets down to business or solves the problems, but relies on strength, wisdom, and confidence. The land (earth) is in unity with fire and borrows their courage and dynamism, so you provide one another with advice exceptionally well. You must aspire to become closer and gain mutual respect, which will be something that will save your relationship in the long run. It should be a relationship of equality with no leader.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE