Find out if you Really Qualify for Each Other According to Eye Colors


5. Green – green (water – water)
Your relationship is one of mutual support. You have respect for one another and if one of you is having trouble, you can always vent to the other. Both of you can be sincere and frank because you are always understood without judgment. Although it is bad for one of you to be alone for too long, even your relationship can destroy jealousy. The road may hold physical violence and other contradictions, but you must stay above jealousy, avoid revenge, and your friendship will be infinite.

6. Green – blue (water – air)
Friendliness does not define your relationship and it will never be pleasant. You are two different people. Air, becoming the wind, can enrage water and excite the storm. Therefore, the blue-eyed is able to inspire the green’s actions, sparking new ways to solve problems and directions towards fresh horizons. The water will achieve music in life if you respond to the call of the wind. Weight in society and the growth of self-esteem will come with cooperation, but it may not be permanent. Therefore, it will be difficult to keep your union (where there is no leader) together, which is rare, but it will have a maximum mutual benefit.
7. Green – gray (water – land)
You have a very fruitful alliance, but only under one condition: if the leader happens to be gray-eyed, they should not allow the water to overflow the banks. The water should lead and guide the earth in the beginning of the relationship to achieve much more in life, careers, creativity, and love. Green-eyed should indeed be ready to provide gray-eyed with support, advice, money, and physical strength; this is seen as peace of mind to the ground, a comforter, and if necessary, a physician. If the water decides to be a shrew, trouble the earth, and create a flood, it will be bad for both and the relationship will be in jeopardy. The green-eyed, once free, will not be able to dispose of it and will continue to stick to the petty problems (this will dry up the land’s soul as they lose mental calmness). If you keep this in mind, your unity will not suffer.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE