Find out if you Really Qualify for Each Other According to Eye Colors


8. Blue – blue (air – air)
It’s easy to get along, as light as air. When you visit friends together, you instantly bring fun and relaxation into the atmosphere. You can effortlessly heal each other’s sorrow and anguish. Your relationship will become closer if there is a lofty goal and if you combine adventure. But if either of you decides to leave one day, it will be painstaking work and will unlikely bring you pleasure.
9. Blue – gray (air – land)
You have little in common because you are different people, but together, your unity is what keeps the both of you close and with little to no shortage of curiosity (mainly by the gray-eyed). It can be difficult for the land to understand and accept the playfulness of air, but they can also be jealous at times, for the air is what/who posses enthusiastic, romantic, and carefree characteristics. The land should try not to criticize the air, but both people should work to keep the relationship together.
10. Gray – gray (land – land)

Your relationship is like a union of two oxen harnessed to a plow. There is little romance and elegance between the both of you, but when you are together, productivity, usefulness, and beneficially is present in strong numbers (mutually and respectfully). Together, you can move mountains, but dangerously. You must “pull the plow” with equal force and refuse to allow your partner to become lazy or shrink responsibilities. Parting will be long and painful and both of you will constantly feel sorry for what happened. Therefore, you must not fail each other or transfer problems to your partner that will ruin them (to keep this friendship you have eternal).