Find the Right Steel Shoe


For most, a broken toe will take approximately 6 weeks to heal. If the toe continues to hurt after 6 week the patient may be in need of another X-ray in order to see how it is healing. From there, the doctor and the patient ill take further action. There are a couple of treatments options – the most severe being foot surgery, elevation, application of ice, getting a tetanus shot or the use of antibiotics. What needs to happen is reduction in which the broken parts will be lined up so that they are healing normally. This is done by buddy taping where a small bandage has been placed between the broken toe and the one next to it.

1. Treatment






The most effective treatment is using a special steel toe shoe.  These are actually more efficient than using a cast because there is more flexibility. These are beneficial in that they can also fix heal injuries and it does not allow for the individual to risk infection as they would with a cast due to the lack of air exposure.

It’s important that you do not simply go for the first medical show that you come across. There are a couple of different considerations that you should make in order to find the right one. You will be wearing the shoe for approximately 6 weeks and it should be very comfortable. The best ones are suede, canvas, and leather or gortex material. Leather is very effective because it can be broken into quickly, and it will adapt to the shape of your foot. This will not burn or melt, and it has a lot of aesthetic value to it.