Five Great Ideas for Prom Makeup 2014



With the prom just around the corner, finding great prom makeup 2014 tips can help you create an unforgettable look. Of course, your appearance is more than just the makeup as it involves everything from your hair down to your shoes. But having the right makeup is vital towards bringing out the best in you.
Before you start looking around for the right type of makeup, you’ll need to find out a few things first such as the following;

– The Color of your Prom Dress
– The Shape of Your Face
– The Shape of Your Eyes
– Have You Worn Makeup Before?






Answering all of these questions first will help you select the right makeup that compliments your entire look. Everyone is different so you will need to find the right combination of dress, hair and makeup styles that best suits your overall appearance.

If you have not worn makeup before or you are not used to wearing makeup, then you will need the help of someone experienced in that department or to limit your makeup to achieve a more natural look. Wearing heavy evening makeup can be uncomfortable if you have never had it applied before which can sour your look considerable. Instead, go with very light touches so you can feel more confident.

Five Prom Makeup 2014 Ideas
Every year brings new makeup ideas to the forefront and 2014 is no different. Here are five quick ideas that you can use to help accentuate your beauty and make your prom night unforgettable.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE