Five Steps to Organizing Your Makeup Collection



Having a makeup collection is one thing, but organizing and storing it correctly is quite another. Just because you have the right eyeliner doesn’t mean that you’ll find it if you haven’t properly organized your makeup.
What follows are five simple steps to organizing your makeup collection. You don’t have to buy any expensive organizing kits, but you can choose some simple plastic ones that are inexpensive or use older containers around the house to get the job done.

The first step is choosing a single place to store all of your makeup collection. It should be somewhere close to where you normally put on your makeup or at least within easy distance. Since virtually all makeup is self contained, you can use a large box, tray or even a cookie jar if you like to put everything in one place.

Once you’ve selected where it goes, the next step is to clean that area to get rid of any bacteria or germs that might make their way into your makeup. Even if you are careful about closing your makeup case or sealing up your lipstick, it is still best to effectively clean the place where you keep your items. Plus, every once in a while dump it all out and clean it up again just to be on the safe side.