Five Steps to Organizing Your Makeup Collection


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Create Different Areas for each Type of Makeup
You don’t have to be fancy about it, but you should try to separate your makeup in terms of your own habits. For example, you can separate by product, color, brand or even day and night if you so desire. By separating it, you can then find what you want easier and help organize your entire makeup area. Plus, you can have a place to throw in makeup that may not fit a particular theme into one place as well so you can find it quickly.

Ditch Your Old Makeup
All makeup that is past its expiration date, has not been used in a long time or that smell funny should be thrown out. The old, “maybe one day I’ll use it” routine will probably never happen if you haven’t used that makeup in a long time. If you still feel the desire to keep around the old makeup, then replace it and put all of the seldom used makeup into a single container so you can replace it periodically.

The remaining items in your makeup collection can now be properly organized inside your container. Again, plastic bags are a very simple, cheap and effective way to separate your makeup into different sections. One suggestion is that if you have makeup you consistently use for work. Put it all into a single bag. That way, you can save time and effort looking for what you need.
Organizing your makeup collection can be quite simple if you take just a little time out of your day. The time and effort you save can help make your day go a lot better.