Fix Common Beauty Mistakes You May be Making Daily



No one likes to know that they may be doing more harm than good with their beauty regimen, but these common mistakes are made by many women every day. Read through the helpful tips below to see what you can improve about your daily care regime.

Beauty Mistakes

1 – Conditioner should not be applies like shampoo. Hair on top of your head near the roots is fresh, new and healthy. It is the ends of the hair that need conditioning. By only applying the conditioner from the ear line and down, your hair will get the help it needs and stay cleaner for longer too.

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2 – Wait at least 1 minute after applying moisturizer to put on the rest of your makeup. It should be dry and soaked into your skin before foundation or anything else is put on.
3 – Always apply perfume directly to the skin and not your clothing. The wrist, base of your throat and behind the ear are pulse points and are best for perfume. Do not rub the spots where you apply perfume, as this can break the structure and make it dissipate more quickly.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE