Four Must-Try Buns for Stylish Women


It does not matter what season it is or what event you plan to attend, buns are fashionable all the time. Perfect for both day and night, they can be dressed up or dress down and arrange in many different styles and fashions. The four must-try buns described below will give you a start on one of the most beautiful hairstyles for any woman with medium to long hair.

Buns for Any Occasion Look Great

Strict Bun
Strict Bun

Image Source: jeanlouisdavid

1 – The Strict Bun – Using a hair doughnut form, or making one out of a clean sock, forms the base of this popular bun hairdo. Classically neat, it is perfect for the office. Perfectly elegant, it is just as wonderful for an evening cocktail party or other event. Pair it with pretty clips or hair jewels to create precisely the look you want.






Instructions: Pull all of your hair into an elastic band to form a ponytail at the back of your head. Slide the hair doughnut over all the hair in the ponytail and roll your hair around it as it gets closer and closer to the elastic band to form the bun. Insert a few bobby pins and some hairspray for final security and a smooth look. For another bun style, view the tutorial for the Chic Side Bun.

Messy Buns
Messy Buns

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2 – Messy Buns – For weekend outings with your friends and fun events during the day, an easy-to-make messy bun and suit the bill perfectly. It is a comfortable hairstyle perfect for young women who just want to get their hair up out of their face. Great for hot weather!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE