Free Wedding Stuff Can Make You Save Big Bucks



Free Wedding Stuff for Planning Stage

Below is some free wedding stuff to help you get through the planning stage:

• Free wedding magazines and catalogs will provide you ideas and inspirations for the wedding. They are also filled with DIY ideas that are easy to follow.
• Free wedding invitation samples and templates are given by printing companies. They are also a good source of inspiration if you are planning to make your own invitation.

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• Free wedding registry gifts can help you get tons of free gifts by just simply adding items to your registry.

Free Wedding Stuff for the Ceremony

Here is more free wedding stuff but this time, for the ceremony. It will help you come up with an organized guest list and create a program for the ceremony.

• Free Wedding Flowers – simple yet creative ways how you can get free a floral arrangement and flowers for your wedding.
• Free Wedding Guest List Templates – are free templates that will help you in creating your guest list and add special notes about each guest.
• Free wedding dress – there are various websites that offer free wedding dress. You just have to visit their websites and check out their requirements.
• Free Wedding Program Templates – making your own wedding program from scratch can be a nightmare. There are some free wedding program templates available online to help you develop a keepsake for your guests.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE