“French Ombre” Wedding Manicure (step-by step tutorial)


Step 3

Coat nails with the clear nail polish. It will smooth any uneven parts left by using the sponge.



Image Source: vk.com

Step 4

Dip the needle-brush in white nail polish and carefully draw thin swirls along one of the sides of each nail.



Image Source: vk.com

Using the same brush or a wooden stick add dots to the pattern. Make sure that the pattern on all fingers is symmetric and unobtrusive.



Image Source: vk.com

Step 5

Apply a stripe of glue along the cuticle of the nail on your middle finger.



Image Source: vk.com

Not allowing it to dry, stick down a few rhinestones right away.



Image Source: vk.com

Repeat the same for your ring finger.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE