Full Face Makeup



The full face makeup is the type which is done to cover the entire face, applying the best products offering the natural enhancement from which every woman will benefit. The product chosen should also be ideal for women with sensitive skin and who are suffering from allergies. The products for the full face makeup should include a lip treatment and an eyelash enhancer, which are affordable for most women.

How to Do the Best Full Face Makeup

Making up is believed to be an art if you follow the right steps. To do the one which would really draw attention, there are certain steps to follow.

A Clean Face

The first thing you need to do is to wash your face, making it makeup-free. You should use a flat foundation brush to apply your face primer to the face. It should as well be put under the eyes to prevent the concealer from creasing.

Foundation Stick

The foundation stick of any shade should be directly applied to the face, and to blend perfectly you should use either a foundation sponge or a flat foundation brush. The blending should be done until you have the entire face covered, making all blemishes to be made invisible.






The Eyelids

An eyelid helper should now be applied on each of your eyelids. After that, you should apply eyeshadow for a classic pinup look. It is recommended to use one with some darker shading crease and a slightly shimmery eyeshadow, highlighting the brow bone for a light and almost skin-colored eyeshadow.

full face makeup

Image Source:  missnattysbeautydiary

Under the Eyes

After applying the eyeshadow, for full coverage, the concealer should be applied underneath the eyes, after which a big powder brush should be used in applying a light layer of your BYS powder in setting the stick foundation.

The Eyeliner

Now, a thin line of liner should be applied on the top of your eyes, and the line should be thicker towards the outer corner and thinner in the inner corners. Applying the line to about three quarters of the eye, a line liner should be drawn, extending from the corners. However, the line should be in the same direction as the bottom lash line so that there could be a connection with the first line.