Full Face Makeup


The Cheeks

After the eyeliner come the cheeks! Your blusher and angled blush brush should be used on the apples of the cheeks, blended with the face towards the sides to have the right look.

The Lipstick

Some lipstick with a lip pencil or lip brush should be applied on the lips, lightly lining the edges, and the filling.

The Mascara

You could first curl your lashes, doing it very close to the lash line for maximum lift and holding it there for about 10 seconds. After that, extension mascara should be used in coating the lashes lightly, and it is always better to do thin coats instead of thicker ones.


Those are the steps for a full face makeup that makes you look good for any outing because the important parts of the face, which are the eyebrows, eyes and lips have been taken care of.