Get Perfect Bangs for Every Face Shape and Style


Fashion forward women always strive to look their best, but chasing trends in hair design may not take into account your personal style and beauty. To avoid such mistakes, it is vital that you first identify any flaws you wish to conceal or downplay. One method for obscuring problems with style is by adding bangs to your hairstyle.

The first step to choosing a bang style that works for you is determining your overall face shape. Use the pictures above and descriptions below to learn what haircut will flatter you the most. Watch the below videos about cutting bangs into your hair to learn more.

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Face Shapes

face shape
face shape

Image Source: alldaychic

Oval face – Any type of bangs go well with this even and ideal face shape.
Long face – Longer bangs help camouflage a high forehead and give the illusion of more hair and less face.
Triangular face – If you have a wide jaw line, adding wide bangs with plenty of body will even things out more.
Square face – Long bangs that are cut at an angle are idea to soften the edges of an angular face. Do not make them too thick.
Round face – Prevent a round face from looking too soft by adding some angular bangs that sweep to the side.
Heart-shaped face – Bangs that can be combed to one side will best accent this type of face.

Face Shape
Face Shape

Image Source: alldaychic

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