Girls Makeup Considerations



There is tons of pressure to grow up nowadays and for little girls the pressure is continually confusing. If they participate in dance or cheer, they are exposed to makeup at a young age. It is meant to help improve their appearance on stage but it opens the door for them using makeup on a regular basis. There are many girls makeup considerations. You don’t want to be too harsh, but you also want to be a good influence when it comes to natural beauty. Here are a few things you should consider as you layout the rules for your house.

How Much Should They Use?
Consider putting limits to how much makeup they can use outside the performance arena.






Typically this means limiting the types of makeup rather than amount. Some parents are fine with mascara and lipstick or something like that. You have to consider your girl and what you are comfortable with. This will allow you to set reasonable rates and hopefully will make everyone happy.

What Can They Play With?
This can be another level of makeup. While you might not want your daughter out there wearing makeup all the time, allowing her to play with makeup in the context of the home is still reasonable. This allows them to explore and have fun with the makeup without altering their appearance in public. This often helps alleviate the begging and pleading down the road.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE