Glamorous Grandma – Contouring Makeup Transformation

Foto: @Makeupbyteaflago

Contouring, a makeup technique that sculpts and defines the cheekbones, jawline and hairline to enhance and flatter your natural features, is best associated with reality show star Kim Kardashian. But Kim may have to hand over her crown as the Contour Queen to Livia Mulac, an 80-year-old granny in Split, Croatia. Livia’s granddaughter, Tea Flago, is a 32-year-old makeup artist residing in Pula, Croatia. Tea, from time to time, travels to Split to visit her grandma, and that’s where it all began.
Occasionally giving her grandma a makeover, Tea posted the makeup transformation and instantly went viral. Tea revealed that at first, she only wanted her grandma to feel pretty and not lonely.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE