All About the Glow in The Dark Neon Nail Polish Lacquer?


Neon colors make you to look good as you proudly display your nails in any special or informal outing. Take advantage of the long-lasting and smooth nail polish known for its ability to withstand your daily activities. Most packages used in painting your nails feature glow in the dark colors to give you the right look, and if you want very good results, regular nail polish should be applied first, after which this will be used as a top coat. Each of the items costs $18.30.





If you are tired of the same boring nail polishes and you are headed to a party, you can wear the nail polish lacquer and there are several brands that offer it. Some good colors to purchase for this kind of polish include lime green, hot pink, bright yellow and a turquoise blue. You can wear this polish with bold colored outfits at night and if your teenage daughter is having a slumber party, she and guests can sport this polish while sitting in the dark at bedtime.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE