There is no relationship without conflict, and every relationship needs it. Conflicts release tension and have a positive effect on love as long as you follow the golden rules for arguing with your beloved.
Always say everything you have to say. Unsaid things will sooner or later be the cause of another fight.
Do not argue with your partner in public places or when you are with other people. For you it may be a dispute in order to release the steam in your relationship, but others may take it as a much more dramatic and serious dispute.
Do not bring in a third person as an arbitrator. And do not give the example of others, their opinions and their love life, problems, happy moments, etc. as a means to emerge victorious in the dispute.

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Do not use ultimatums and history in order to solve current problems. A common mistake that many couples make is to use past transgressions of the partner (even if it is a single case) as a means to win the dispute. But this move is usually counterproductive and leads to an escalation of the conflict.
If the dispute gets out of control and comes to pointless shouting and insults, switch to “sleep” mode until you both calm down and start thinking normally again. Otherwise you will say many things that you do not believe and will regret later.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE