Gray Hair Styles



Graying hair does not mean that you cannot have fabulous hairstyles because with the following gray hairstyles, you can look your best even as a mature adult. In fact, some senior citizens are choosing to show off their gray hair as a way of being proud of the fact that they are alive and going strong after all these years.

The Timeless Bob

You can go back to your younger days with the timeless bob. There are various ways to wear this bob and one such method is with the curly bob. You can also wear a straight bob with bangs in the front and you will not look too young for your age. The good thing about wearing the bob is that it is easy to maintain.





Incorporate Black Highlights in Your Hair

No matter what hairstyle you choose, you can put black highlights in your hair because this color brings some of the youthfulness back in your hair without making you look younger than what you are. For example, if you are wearing a cropped cut with gray hair, the infusion of black highlights complements your hairstyle well.

Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is not just for young women; those with gray hair can also rock a sexy pixie cut if it is styled the right way by the best stylist. There are several versions of the pixie cut so when you visit your stylist, you can cut out pictures of pixie cuts and ask the stylist to help you decide on the right version.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE