Gray Hair Styles



African American women have versatility when it comes to styling their hair and it is no different when they develop gray hair. One such example is with microbraids and many older African American women look beautiful with microbraids. If you do not like microbraids, you can wear cornrows or a cropped Afro. Straw sets also look great on women of color with gray hair.


An updo is simple to fix and this is great for busy women who do not always have the time or funds to visit the hairdresser. There are a variety of updos to choose from and these include a bun on top of the head, a side bun or a curly updo.

Let The Natural Curls or Waves Flow

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy you can just wear your hair the way it is because curly or wavy gray hair looks graceful on a woman and there are celebrities such as Emmylou Harris and Stacy London who sport the gray in their long hair with confidence.


Gray hair is a symbol of the maturity you have, the lessons you learned and the joy that you still have despite the hard times you experienced. Instead of hiding the gray, embrace the last stage of your life by sporting the above mentioned gray hair styles. Consider your facial structure when choosing a hairstyle and think about your daily lifestyle because you want something that is easy to maintain.