Great Party Hairstyles for Long Hair



One option to diversify your daily look is by creating a new hairstyle. According to an unwritten rule, when it comes to evening party looks, a notable hairstyle is a must if you want to look stylish and beautiful. For ladies who agree with this statement we have proposal suggestion for non-traditional hair styling. Here we present a great idea for an evening party hairstyle. As you can see in the picture, there are only four steps to make this party hairstyle.


 First step: Divide hair in accordance with the arch of the left eyebrow.


Image Source: coiffure-simple-rapide

Step Two: Comb your hair well.

Step Three: Wrap the hair as in picture number 3.

Step Four: Continue to wrap the hair to the end. Then transfer the wrapped strand of hair to the other side, so that one part can be secured with a hairpin, and the second section falls freely over the shoulders. You should get a U-shape in the wrapped section of hair.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE