A Great Way for Making Curly Hair Waterfall Braid


If you are looking for an elegant curly hair braided style, there are certain simple steps you need to take to make what would make you to always look good wherever you find yourself. The tips below show you the different steps of making the hairstyle yourself, saving you a lot of money. Many comments posted online agree that the hairstyle makes any woman to be more presentable.

The Steps to Follow

The first step is to brush your hair and then part your hair on the side. Once you do this you would braid the side of your hair where the part is then section your hair in three parts. Then you will braid these section three times and after you have done this, you would let the rest of your hair hang in the back and this creates the waterfall look to the hairstyle. Secure the braided section of the style with hair pins and once you do this you can attach a decorative bow or hairpiece to the top side of the braided section.


Other Important Things to Consider

These are certain things you need to always consider as you follow the steps mentioned above. You should use a light mist or hair spray afterwards to keep the hair together, tightly braiding it to prevent bumps from forming. Also, it should be ensured that the hair is clean and good, without any gels and any other hair product.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE