Hair Colors for teen


As a show of team spirit, Sue Heffernan’s son and his entire hockey team bleached their hair together before their playoffs. The Warsaw, Ont., mom didn’t hesitate to give her son, then 10, permission, because she wanted him to be a part of the experience. “I think experimenting with hair colour is preferable to other things kids want to do, like piercings,” she explains. “And the moms were all there, and did the bleaching themselves, so the kids weren’t handling chemicals.” On the subject of kids colouring their hair, some parents’ opinions are very black and white.

“My nine-year-old has asked, but to me, it does not feel appropriate for a little girl to put chemicals on her head to alter her looks,” says Sally Bonaldo, a mother in Lindsay, Ont. “I also don’t want her to put so much value on her appearance. Sure, I get my hair coloured, but I’m an adult. she is a child.”….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE