Hair Colors Must-Know


Changing your hair color might go from a wonderfully right hue to a horrible looking you. Hair colors enhance your face and even your hair. So before you go to your most trusted hair salon, why not learn a thing or two about coloring your hair.

Here are some hair colors must-know:

1. Hair colors reflect the color of your surroundings. Notice how your hair color looks differently when you are at home, outdoors, or inside your office? So, better match your existing hair color in a well-lit room or natural daylight which can help you choose the accurate hue that you want.

2. Although hair coloring is an artificial process of coloring your hair with certain color pigments, there are actually 4 types that exist namely temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. As their names imply, how long the hair colors would stay on your hair depends on what type you choose. For best results, you can choose permanent coloring.




3. Changing hair colors from a darker shade to a lighter shade every other week might damage your hair and cause unwanted pigmentation or discoloration. Having said that, you must have chosen the color that you really wanted in the beginning. Or if you still prefer to change it, consult your salon experts about the frequency of changing hair color.
4. To avoid hairline stains from applying hair colors, avoid using any cream or shampoo prior to applying the hair coloring agent. Experts recommend that after the hair treatment is done; wash your hairline thoroughly with water immediately. That would remove the hairline stains. If the stain still persists, you can use salon ready-made stain remover if available, or you can purchase it on the market.

Now for the harder part, choosing the right hair colors, here are some quick tips you should consider.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE