Hair Colors Must-Know


5. In choosing your hair color, keep in mind your skin tone. If you have lighter skin tone, avoid golden or warm hair colors.
6. If you are uncertain about the shade, go for lighter hair colors because it is easier to fix.
7. Use the hair colors grid guide in choosing your shade and not just by the model you saw on a commercial. Most of the time, hair color boxes are darker after application.
8. Each one has a unique hair type – the coarser your hair, the longer the processing it requires because it takes time for the color to be absorbed compared to thinner or finer hair. So better do strand tests before applying hair colors.
9. For your aftercare hair colors, choose a shampoo specifically designed for color-treated hair to prevent damage and for longer color result.

Hair colors involve a complex process from applying a coloring agent, letting it sit for some time, and the rinsing-it-off process. While you, on the other hand, is carefully pondering for almost a week on what color shade best suits you before you hit the salon. Understanding the process in coloring your hair might give you an idea on what hair coloring treatment you should have.