Hair Extension: What is it really?



There are many things one can add to one’s self to become beautiful and one of these things is the hair extension. Since time immemorial, the importance of hair has been well established in human society. In women, hair has always been a major focus of various beauty related products and ensuring its normal growth and appearance is extremely important. Because of this immense need to maintain hair beauty, various hair extension products were developed.

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What is a hair extension?

Hair extensions are normally strands of natural or artificial hair which are attached to normal hair to increase length or volume. It is a common cosmetic method to use hair extensions to lengthen one’s hair or make the head fuller and vibrant. These strands of hair are normally human hair taken from donors, but artificial hairs are becoming prominent.

How do people use hair extensions?

A normal hair extension is glued, woven or braided into normal hair. However, because gluing hair extensions to normal hair requires heat, many are worried that these can actually destroy normal hair though there is still no concrete evidence supports this. Today, hair extensions are becoming a sought out cosmetic accessory.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE