Hair tutorial on How to Make a Mermaid Tail Braid



Braids are perfect for every occasion. They can be elegant, as well as casual. They are the perfect hairstyle for weddings and for lazy summer days, when you do not know what to do with your hair, but you know you want it to be tied. That is why there are many variations and styles when it comes to braids. One of them is mermaid tail braid, which will be described in this hair tutorial article.

1. You have to divide your hair into two equal sections. You can choose on what side you want it to be – on the left, on the right, or at the back.





2. Make a “Dutch braid” braid from each section and tie them in the end separately. If you do not know what a “Dutch braid” is, do not worry, it is very simple. For a normal braid, you take the outside section and cross it in front of the middle section. For this type of braids, you have to do exactly the opposite; the outside section goes behind the middle one. It is important to do it this way because it will look better in the end.

Image Source: improper

3. For the third step of the hair tutorial, you have to pull slightly apart the outer edges to get the two braids fatter. You can do whatever you want to them, but the result has to be fuller and not so sleek braids.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE