Hairstyles for Brides


Every bride wants to look glamorous on her wedding day and it is for this reason that there are numerous beauty articles that help brides find the best hairstyle. Your choice of a bridal hairstyle depends on the dress you are wearing and the theme of the wedding as well as your personality. Here are some good hairstyles you can wear for your wedding day.

Bridal Hairstyles for Those With Short Hair

If you are a bride with short hair, you can wear a bob because this hairstyle is simple and elegant, and you can wear a beautiful hairpiece on your bob on your wedding day. Another idea is to wear a curly style where all of your hair is in curls and then swept to the top or side of your head. If you a person of color with short natural hair, a cropped Afro would look nice or you can sport beautiful cornrows. The pixie cut is another good choice for brides with short hair.






French Braid

The French braid is a sophisticated yet charming hairstyle that would fit in with the beauty of a wedding. The stylist would part your hair in two sections then braid them together to create a new braid in the middle of your hair. If you are not wearing a veil, this hairstyle would work and you can wear a white bow on the end of the braid.


Another idea is to wear your hair pulled back into a beautiful bun and then wrap a dangling hairpiece around the bun for a fairytale-like look. If you like braids, then you can have the front part of your hair in cornrows and the back part of your hair pulled back into a bun.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE